Demo Play Is not the way

Alright, for the first real post, how about some Mario? Everyone loves the mushroom bound Italian plumber! His face is known throughout the world more so than even that ridiculous mouse, and his fictional accomplishments far exceed than what you can do while donning a wizard hat, but then again the whole moral of the wizard hat was to show that there’s no shortcut to being great and you can’t acquire ability while soaking in futility.

Time for a little story, and enchanting Disney history.

You see Mickey had used the wizard hat to have a broomstick do his chores for him, to carry water in a bucket, this went well at first, but mickey did not know how to control his new found powers. Therefore he could not stop the broomstick. The very prominent message being don’t start something you can’t finish. MarioWiiBoxArt

New Super Mario Bros. Wii is going to be Nintendos first trial with their new Demo Play mode. Now apparently this mode enables the not so capable player to have the game play itself so you can get through a tough spot, or master a level, or just eat popcorn and watch the game unfold before you without lifting a finger. From my understanding you can jump into the game during demo play at any time, meaning you could just go to the end of a level and jump in. Obviously nobody has to use the feature, it just seems to defeat the purpose of “playing a game” in the first place. If you can’t beat a Mario game, then why even play games at all? If your going to suck a new demographic in for gamers, why insult their intelligence and ability or lack of ability by implementing a feature that says, “Here just let me beat it for you”.

Demo play just press A

Don't Worry about the lava, Demo play can guide you safely over it.

It’s like if you sucked at baseball and your coach was like it’s okay I’ll just make a cyborg clone of you and you can take all the credit for his perfect record and mastery of the game. Sure you would technically be winning in your name, but its not you who is winning, its some cyborg clone punk. Instead of practicing,  receiving help of some sort to improve your game, or just doing something else entirely, the easy win swings into play.  Another thing that strikes during the demo play issue is, whats this fixation nowadays with winning? Everyone wins, no one is a loser,  if everyone wins, and everyone can just press A and win, how is anyone going to learn anything at all. You learn from loss, to strive to be better, losing is not as negative as it sounds, in fact for the balance of the universe to hold together there has to be a spectrum of extremities from both ends, each plays a productive part. Its overcoming your loss, mistakes, things that one could view as working with your flaws to better yourself. There is no pressure to succeed here, its just okay to be bad at something or lose, or suck. You can’t expect to be great at something immediately, even gradually it could take some time. This clearly does not apply to demo play alone, but many aspects of life. Say you want to play an instument, you have to learn it, practice, pressing  plastic buttons does not make you a rock star.


To wrap this up nicely, Demo play in New Super Mario Bros. Wii is rediculous. Implementing a feature in the game that plays itself for your benefit is contradictory, there are plenty of walkthroughs, videos, friends, that could help you through a game if its that hard. The difficulty of  Mario games these days is laughable anyways, so to make an easy game easier, does not raise the fun factor, why not balance out the gameplay with moderate difficulty, or just include levels of difficulty, notice theres no mode for players who want more of a challenge rather than a reduced one. Anyways It’s Mario not Megaman, or Ninja Gaiden for the nes you know? Lets get real Nintendo.

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  1. wait, so i’m NOT a guitar hero? lol jk nice first post!

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