Metroid Zebes Landing

Samus Spore EncounterThis song is one of my first completed remakes using FL Studio, it is a remake of the Metroid Title song for the NES in the style of 8 bit chiptune though theres a more organic feel to it. Theres plenty of information detailed below, it’s the same information as I wrote when I first posted it on the 8 bit Collective Site. Let me know what you think of it, enjoy.

Metroid Zebes Landing <—- Click here to Listen to Song

Metroid Title <—- Click here to Listen to Original Version of Song

“Hello everybody, this would be my first submission…anywhere really. Quite a fan of chip tune and video game music 8 bit especially. This is the Title song from Metroid on the NES redone with an image in mind, just the thought Samus in her spaceship, landing on a strange planet, thunder, lighting, rain pouring on her ship…alone…in the galaxy, to explore. Landing upon this planet, with lush alien plants, life, both beautiful and hostile. A culmination of what makes Metroid especially the first one, one of the greatest of all franchises. Hope you enjoy as much I did working on this.”


2 Responses to “Metroid Zebes Landing”

  1. This is excellent!
    Very creative & interesting sound. Like the water droplets.

    Nice pics at the top.

    Love ya,

    P.S. BOO!

  2. I’m going to play is song at my wedding. New favorite.

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