Scouting Balazar Land

Well here it is, a semi tour of Balazar Land. A strange land indeed, melding the many enemies and looks from many Mario games. This is my first hack and sort of a personal one, just to learn my way through the hacking process and to implement ideas. There is a story that I’m elaborating on as I go,  the goal for this hack is to be 10 levels or so. I may expand upon it but I’m not sure if It will be released just to friends most likely.

The story so far is that Mario wakes up in a field of flowers in a dreamlike state, he frolics through the field which seems familiar to him, there are butterflys flapping their wings on the tops of flowers, bridges to cross and balls to bounce on. He makes his way to a cliff at the end of the flower field and takes a leap of faith. He ends up waking up at the foot of the Sammer Kings Castle (super paper mario reference) Mario impulsively decides to go inside and speak with one of the kings disciples, who informs Mario that the Sammer King is visiting his brother at the castle of the lake. So Marios initial journey is to seek and speak with the Sammer King, the journey to getting to him and beyond is one that will unfold in time. Here are some screen shots from the Various beginning levels.

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