Happy Halloween!


Well it has been some time since my last post. What better time than now to wish everyone a Happy Halloween. Today is the pinnacle of the spooky spirit, to have a blast, eat candy, dress up, you know the drill. It happens to be one of my favorite holidays, leading to the feast of Thanksgiving, and topping everything off with Christmas. Since today is a celebrated day for all sorts of spooky denizens, I present to you a song I made last year, sort of a story that goes with it…definitely fitting the eerie atmosphere of this wonderful day. The description of such is at this site, along with the song for listening itself…Enjoy! Click Here to Listen

In other Halloween related news, I am in the midst of playing a game that correlates very much with ghouls, the undead, the mythologically creepy and awe inspiring, as well as the Prince of Darkness himself Dracula!500x_castlevania_rebirth_01

I’m speaking of the Japanese wiiware release of Castlevania Rebirth which I aquired and will be making my way through tonight. Charging Draculas castle once again this time through Christopher Belmont. Nothing like whipping everything in sight to death with a tastefully evil classical soundtrack to accompany your quest to destroying the enemies of the night. Here is a gameplay Video if you are so inclined for interest in viewing. Click Here


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