Hello everyone, New Super Mario Bros. Wii is on the horizon! new-super-mario-bros-wii-20091014092947503It releases in the US November 15th, definetely a title worth looking into for your game starved Wii. I’ve been privy come this morning to obtaining this gem of a Nintendo game (arggg) I’ve been playing through it all day and Its pretty sweet so far. I suppose a rundown of what I’ve played so far may be informative to some looking into this game for a potential purchase or just excited to hear about it. New Super Mario Bros Wii. is a 3d mario game from a classic 2d perspective that melds the many Mario games of old and mixes in much of its own to make it an overall polished effort and nostalgic treat. From my playthrough of World 1 there are many nods to previous Mario games that are an appreciated and somewhat expected inclusion for this New outing. NSMBW

Heres the breakdown:

From Mario 3 returns the Koopa kids along with their airships, Toadhouses to collect more powerups for your inventory, there are also Mini games very much like the Mario 3 match a card game. The overworlds themselves are each thematic and are similar to Mario 3. There are enemies that block your path on the overworld, when you come in contact with them you enter a bonus game to get a powerup much like the hammer bros. in mario 3 you run into. Koopa Kids

From Mario 2 the only thing I’ve noticed a return from that game is the POW block, throw it and everything goes POW, classic! Tilt Wiimote to Pass

From Mario World is the lovable dinosaur Yoshi also the spin jump returns, and the way the levels unfold upon beating are very similar to this game.

From Mario 64 you have the wall kick move along with the ground pound, and 8 red coins to collect (though for a 1 up not a star)

From Mario Galaxy they included the ice flower powerup, now you can freeze your enemies as well as burn them to a crisp. Once frozen an enemy can be picked up and thrown into a wall or elsewhere for a fatality style goomba shatter. Yoshi!

From New Super Mario Bros. DS comes the mini mushroom, the overall look of the game is similiar though the Wii is very much and rightfully so better looking than its DS counterpart. Also Bowser Jr. being an addition to the koopa kids as a boss. Oh and the BAH! returns, a sound that plays during the main song that changes the enemies movements, they dance to it too…..dont ask…its rediculous but makes a return all the same.  Deserted

Whats New to the Table?! So far there is plenty new that wraps up this classic package , to name them all even in world 1 would take some time. There are new powerups, being the penguin suit which lets you freeze enemies like the ice flower but also slide, and swim very well. Theres the propellor suit which puts Mario in pajamas and a propellor on his head so he can helicopter to great heights and hover down as well as drill through the air downwards. I’ve only tried out the propellor suit so far and its a great inclusion, I wasn’t sure about it at first but its pretty fun to use. The game itself is very polished and creative, I’ve spent most of the day on world 1 alone just going through it and collecting the 3 big coins (present in each level) discovering secrets, and amassing 1 ups. I played through the multiplayer with my brother, and it really is a lot of fun, definetely a great inclusion to finally have a mario adventure with up to 4 people at one time, it puts a different perspective on the way you play, you have to work together, and doing so can reward you and present a challenge, I can see later on it getting tough if you don’t show some teamwork. There is also a competitive element added when playing with others, to get 1 ups, coins, killing more enemies, but it comes with the territory and when you work together you can definetely put the hurt on koopas goombas, and everything in sight. Clouds

So far so good, it is definetely a game to pick up for the holiday or on release date, its a new Mario game ya know! With all that it trickles fans from the older games, douses with additions, including the aspect of multiplayer Mario. Mario is Back and that is never a bad thing. Time to dine on fire flower broiled Bowser and rescue Princess Peach once again, Check this one out!

Also as a bonus for getting through this post here is  a download link to the New Super Mario Bros. Wii soundtrack, just note that some names of the songs give some things away, enjoy!  Click here for Soundtrack Download


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