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8-Bit Bowser is Back!

Posted in Gaming on October 7, 2009 by gamergod5150

Someone made a post on the SMWC forums asking about NES Bowser graphics, so I decided to rip them, needed the practice anyways. Must be the October air that made me do it. Here are some pictures and a link to download, I included Bowsers 8 bit hammers and his flames. This really is only useful to those hacking mario world, though you can download it if you really want. Also I’m including a link to the Yoshi’s Island 1-1 FG and BG rip I did. Enjoy!

8-Bit Bowser Link

8x8 Nes BowserBowser_(smb1)

Yoshi’s Island 1-1 BG and FG rip Intro Level


Scouting Balazar Land

Posted in Gaming on October 7, 2009 by gamergod5150

Well here it is, a semi tour of Balazar Land. A strange land indeed, melding the many enemies and looks from many Mario games. This is my first hack and sort of a personal one, just to learn my way through the hacking process and to implement ideas. There is a story that I’m elaborating on as I go,  the goal for this hack is to be 10 levels or so. I may expand upon it but I’m not sure if It will be released just to friends most likely.
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Demo Play Is not the way

Posted in Gaming on October 3, 2009 by gamergod5150

Alright, for the first real post, how about some Mario? Everyone loves the mushroom bound Italian plumber! His face is known throughout the world more so than even that ridiculous mouse, and his fictional accomplishments far exceed than what you can do while donning a wizard hat, but then again the whole moral of the wizard hat was to show that there’s no shortcut to being great and you can’t acquire ability while soaking in futility.

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