Mario Hacking

Here is where all Mario World Hacking Related things will go. Such as screenshots of any personal hacks I’m doing, info on any hacks I’m doing or just anything really that I may find interesting within the world of Mario Hacking. Anything I happen to create will go here too….most likely a ExGFX tileset, or edited graphics for a sprite or something. I also happen to collect vast amounts of mario hacking related things, including rare sprites and such. If you have anything rare and wish to share, PM me on SMWC, I would really appreciate that, also I could share some of the stuff I’ve collected myself. The more the merrier when it comes to resources.

Here is a little intro

I’ve been into SMW hacking for a long time, the idea of creating/editing a game such as Mario to shape it into your own always appealed to me. I’ve toyed with Lunar Magic (Mario World Editor) ever since it was first released way back when, just messing with things here and there, slowly I learned things, the overworld was something I struggled with most. The concepts of marios path and just editing tiles seemed very tedious, which it is, but I have a firm grasp on that, and everything in the Mario hacking world. I know what I can do, and anything I cannot I can figure out how. When hacking I usually implement a new idea into every level, keeps me interested but I’m also always learning more with each second spent hacking. I’m interested in the creative process behind it all, it really reaches to many aspects, including music and the creation of music in such a way that is even more difficult than most methods. I have been a musician for 9 or so years, I play guitar, drums, keyboards, mostly. I have a very good grasp on the musical world, and even creation of said music. I mostly would stray away from traditional methods of sound, not wanting to make something that was already out there. So I experiment with sounds a lot. I’m fond of chiptunes, or basically the sound of the NES, your basic raw sounds, waves, pulse, tri, squares, saw, and all of that kind of stuff make some really cool sounds. I would rather rendition something with those sounds than the everyday instruments of any given family of such, mixing these sounds together also works to great effect.

The efforts I’ve seen within the Mario hacking community really impress me, there are some dedicated people who are very talented as well, I mean to take a game such as Mario World which has been around for some time, and add more to it, is really amazing. The various blocks people have made, enemies from different games, music both recreated and custom, and various other elements which I could go on and on about are really the stepping stones for creativity. It seems that it will only get better with the many different things people come up with and implement within the game. For people to take something and make it their own, add their own personal touch to it. Its pretty cool and I’m glad it even exsists as an option. I’ve always been interested in making games, been playing them my whole life. As long as the Mario hacking community stays progressive there will be great things accomplished, one of the things that is to help is a tighter sharing of information, it seems there are many things not talked about, or not allowed to be. Such limitations are to hold back what needs to flourish, stunting creativity is never the road to a masterpiece. This seems to be a good enough intro for this section. Any comments questions are welcome, thanks for reading.


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